1980-1981 Edit

Nobody makes your day like McDonald's can

1981, (concurrent with 1980 slogans) Edit

That's My McDonald's

1982, (concurrent with 1980 slogans) Edit

We cook it all for you at McDonald's

1983-1984 Edit

McDonald's and you


It's a good time for the great taste of McDonald's.

1988-1991 Edit

You Deserve A Break Today


Food, folks, and Fun"

1991-1992 Edit

McDonald's Today


What you want is what you get

1994, (Flintstones Promotion) Edit

What you want is what you get at RocDonald's today

1994, (Sonic the Hedgehog Promotion) Edit

McDonald's, where what you want is what you get

1994, (McDelivery trial) Edit

What you want is what you get, delivered from McDonald's today

1992-1997, (Ronald McDonald and Happy Meal McDonald's ads) Edit

Do you believe in magic?

1995-1997, (Ronald McDonald and Happy Meal McDonald's ads) Edit

Ronald Makes it Magic

1995-February 18, 1997Edit

Had you had your break today?

1997 Edit

One Two Three Four... Big Mac burger!

February 19-October 1, 1997; 2016-present (with the 2006 arches) Edit

My McDonald's


Did sombody say McDonald's?


We love to see you smile.

2000-2003 (second one) Edit

Put a Smile On

2001-2003 Edit


2003-2018 Edit

I'm Lovin' it

2005-2008, (combined with 2003 slogan to make It's what I eat and what I do...I'm lovin' it) Edit

It's what I eat and what I do

2008-present Edit

What we're made of

2009–present, (Filet-O-Fish advertising) Edit

Gimme Back that Filet-O-Fish

2010-present, (Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Angus Burger advertising) Edit

You want it, need it, you gotta have a taste of McDonald's burgers

2010–2013 Edit

The simple joy of McDonald's

2013-present Edit

A whole new way to love McDonald's

2013–present (second one) Edit

There's something for everyone to love at McDonald's

2015-2018 Edit

Choose Lovin

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